Booking Request FAQ

Modified on Thu, 16 May 2024 at 01:27 PM

Booking Request Q&A

What if a customer books a dumpster for a day when my schedule is full or I’m out of inventory?

Customer bookings on Hometown are requests and not final until the service pro accepts the booking.  If the service pro is unable to deliver on the requested day, they should decline the booking.    Service pros have the option of accepting or declining each booking.

Does Hometown allow customers to book for the same day?

No, the earliest a customer can book delivery is for the next business day. 

Can the customer request delivery or pickup on Saturday or Sunday?

No, customers are only able to request delivery and pickup Monday through Friday.

What happens next when I accept a booking?

You have a new customer! Hometown immediately notifies the customer that your company has accepted the booking. You are responsible for delivering and removing the dumpster on the assigned dates and communicating with the customer as needed.

Is there a cost for me to accept this new customer?

No, there is no cost for the service provider. You receive the full amount of the booking less credit card fees (3%).

Does the customer pay a service fee for booking on Hometown Dumpster Rental?

Hometown adds a small service fee paid by the customer of up to 5%.  Currently, the rate is set at 5% for all bookings.  In the future, we may vary the rate based on customer type or service partner status.  

What happens if I decline a booking?

Hometown will notify the customer that your company did not accept the booking and we will continue working with the customer to find an available service provider.  

What happens if I fail to respond to a booking request within 24 hours?

The booking is canceled and the customer is notified that their service pro did not accept the booking.  We recommend receiving customer notifications by both text message and email to make it easier to respond quickly to customer requests.    

How are service providers notified of a new booking?

By default, Hometown notifies service providers of any customer request (booking request or quote request) via both email and text message, unless the service pro has requested not to receive one or the other message types.  These messages only go to the employee(s) the pro has designated to receive customer requests.  

What notifications do customers receive upon a booking?

Customers receive notifications from Hometown by both text message and email.  We notify at the time of the booking and when the booking is accepted or declined.  

At the time of the booking, the customer is immediately notified that the booking is not final until the service pro accepts the booking.

When the service pro accepts the booking, we notify the customer that their dumpster is confirmed and will be delivered on their delivery date.  All of their booking details are included along with the contact info of the service provider. 

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