Best practices responding to quote requests

Modified on Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 11:18 AM

For customer requests, we are trying to meet different customer preferences. Some customers prefer the live phone call, some prefer something indirect... like a contact form, and some prefer to do a little more research on you before reaching out.  

It’s important we provide all options to customers. Such as, your phone number being visible for direct calls, request forms to be available for those who prefer not to call, and providing a link to your website for those who want to see more before contacting you. 

By meeting customers needs where they're at, we strongly believe that we capture more total customer opportunities for our advertising partners. 

Here’s how we view these different customers.

Customers who prefer to call

On average, customers who prefer to call have a greater sense of urgency about their request. They are more likely to have a need in the next few days for a dumpster.  So they close at a higher rate.

Customers who prefer not to call 

  • On average, customers who prefer not to call are younger. They grew up with text messaging and Amazon. Many prefer getting things done online or by text message.

  • On average, customers who prefer not to call are earlier in the sales funnel. They are less likely to need a dumpster in the next couple of days. They may have a project in a few days, a week, or a few weeks. They may have a definite need or they may just be investigating a dumpster. 

In our experience, trying to force the young or earlier funnel customers to call you directly, won't capture the most customers. We may get some to call, but we'll lose many more. The customer knows they have other options just a few clicks away, and they are assertive in looking for a customer service experience that matches their preferences.  

Best Practices for online customer requests

You asked about best practices. I’m not sure how you follow up with these online request customers now, and you may already follow this approach… but here is what we believe works best. 

Respond immediately with a text message.  

Within 5 minutes is ideal. Text is the best option because text messages usually get read quickly. Emails do not. A cold call to the customer from a number not in the customer's address book may not get answered. Text messages get seen and responded to at the highest rate. So we suggest warming up the customer with a text message. Here are some examples: 


Sample text message:  

Hi Anita, this is William with Hometown Dumpster Rental. I received your request about renting a dumpster. If you're free, I can give you a quick call to give you our prices and answer any questions. Are you available now?  

If no response from the customer:

No worries if you're tied up at the moment.  Here is some basic pricing information for you.

10 yard is $400 for up to 7 days and up to 4000lbs. 

20 yard is $500 for up to 7 days and up to 6000lbs.

30 yard is $600 for up to 7 days and up to 8000lbs.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need to book a dumpster.  Happy to help!

Follow up again with the customer.

Contact the customer by text message a few days before their requested delivery date to check in. 

Sample text message:

Hi Anita, it's William from Hometown Dumpster Rental.  Just following up to see if you decided to rent a dumpster?  If so, please let us know if we can be of service.  Have a great day!

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