Top 5 Reasons When to Use Paid Search For a Roofing Contractor?

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When should I consider using Google AdWords (or Paid Search) to generate new customers?

Consider the following in your decision:

Paid Search

  1. You have a very good understanding which keywords to use in order to attain a high conversion rate for the number of clicks purchased. Remember, "more clicks = more dollars". Getting a lot of clicks will certainly cost you more, but rarely does this correlate with increased revenue. Why? An "unfocused" campaign (spray and pray method) will get many clicks, unfortunately, a lot of those clicks will come from non-targets.
  2. Your website is designed to convert eyeballs into revenue generating actions. If unsure, consider these questions:
    - Is my website mobile responsive?
    - Does my website have one or more calls to action?
    - Is my website easily navigable? In other words, can my site users find information quickly?
    - Can my site users contact me outside of normal business hours (via email contact form)?
  3. You understand how to set up an effective paid search campaign, targeting the “right” customer opportunities.
  4. You have time available to educate yourself and to monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns. Time commitment for paid search is generally around 5-10 hours per month.
  5. You have a dedicated monthly budget set aside for paid search, ideally at least $250/mo.
Paid Search isn’t as scary as it sounds; just realize that in order to attain the highest return on investment (ROI) you need to educate yourself and have time. Another solution, find a company with expertise in setting up and running these types of campaigns. You may pay a bit more, but in the long run you won’t be paying for clicks that don’t produce revenue.

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